• Do you consider your businessan expression of art and creativity?
  • Do you hire independent contractors?
  • Do you buy or sell art?
  • Do you need advice about creating your business or nonprofit?
  • Do you need a will and health care directive?
  • Are you concerned about copyrights?

Resources & FAQ

Recommended Local Businesses:

Dr. Steven Hiebert
Dr. Hiebert provides intuitively guided holistic healing to those exceptional people seeking to be free from symptoms, deeply healthy and free to fully express their true nature, which is vibrant health. He likes to say: Be your Self and be well!

Julie Tilka Web Design
Julie Tilka is a creative and experienced web designer. In fact, she designed this website.

Ampersat LLC
Nikki Lockhart provides superlative professional editing and writing services. She has produced outstanding research and writing projects for me.

Connect!Learning Design
Terri Cheney is the founder of Connect! Learning Design, and she provides instructional design services, writing services, and is in high demand as a facilitator, speaker and author.

Giesla Hoelscher
Digital Collage Artist
Giesla is St. Paul artist who does really amazing collage work from photographs she takes of some of our favorite places and landmarks, locally and nationally. She also does custom work on a commission basis to commemorate important events in a person’s life. Check out her Etsy shop!

Intellectual Property:

United States Copyright Office
The United States copyright office maintains a website chock full of information on copyright law. You can also go here to file your own copyright application.

United States Patent and Trademark Office
The website of the United States office of trademark and patent. All the rules and regulations you will ever need to try to understand the intricacies of trademarks and patents.

The Creative Commons
Creative Commons is a nonprofit organization that enables the sharing and use of creativity and knowledge through free legal tools.


What type of cases does your law firm handle?
Zurlo Law Office helps people solve problems and create solution in the ares of copyrights, trademarks, contracts, nonprofits, personal legal issues and generalized business counseling/advising. Every case is unique, and how it is treated is highly dependent upon the facts of each situation. Call us for a free consultation.

How much will it cost to handle my case?
Each situation is unique, and cost is dependent upon the facts of the case. We will determine collaboratively a fee structure that is best for you and fees are always determined by the complexity of the issue presented. I work with flexible payment plans were necessary.

Why should I trust you to handle my case?
I am an experienced artist and professional musician, and became a lawyer because I wanted to help people fulfill their dreams in life and work by taking the burden of business and legal technicalities out of the picture for them.

How do I know if I need an attorney?
Sometimes the issue doesn’t rise to the level of requiring an attorney or legal action, and sometimes it does. I give legal advice as well as generalized counseling. Give me a call, and I’ll help you parse it out, and the initial consultation is always free.